SPL Series: HP Now Available

The SPL series is a self-contained solar LED area light that is an ideal choice for pedestrian and commercial applications. A compact and functional design allows the SPL series to seamlessly fit into any setting. Using quality American-made components the SPL series is an excellent off grid lighting solution. The newly available SPL: High Power is ideal for situations you need everything above with nearly double the light.

Solar power and LEDs allow the SPL series to be completely self-contained and offer many benefits:

  • Cost effective design ships fully assembled with pole and installs in minutes
  • Low installation cost and minimal site impact with no trenching or wiring
  • Minimal ongoing costs with no electrical bills or bulbs to change
  • Operates entirely independent from the grid and is immune to power outages
  • A sustainable choice without recurring carbon emissions

Technical Specifications:

The performance of the SPL series is maximized with the use of a proprietary Light Control System (LCS). The LCS adapts to the SPLs current battery state of charge and automatically adjusts the LED lights accordingly to ensure optimized performance.


– 4x4in square steel poles included
– Available in 14”x28” or 28”x28”
– Aluminum enclosure and mounting arm
– Stainless fasteners with anti-theft lock option
– Extremely durable TGIC powder coat
– Two standard colors with custom colors available:
– Black – Bronze – (Optional White)


– Sealed lead acid, absorbed glass mat (AGM)
– 10 year design life
– Located within light housing
– High temperature tolerance
– Designed for easy battery changes if required

Solar Module:

– High-efficiency 30w module
– Integrated into the top of light housing
– Used for day/night detection


– 100,000 hour L70 lifetime
– White color
– 1300 or 2400 lumens output

Light Control System:

– Micro-controller based technology using MPPT to maximize solar input even in poor conditions
– Includes high-efficiency LED driver
– Located inside light housing
– Designed to automatically and adaptively manage lighting performance based on environmental conditions and lighting requirements


– All lighting profiles are tailored to fit client needs.