Our Technology

Our Solar Lighting Products Technology

Solar Street Lights USA products are high-quality, high performance, engineered systems, designed and sized for each specific application and location. Our solar lights are comprised of solar electric power systems, light fixtures and structural components.

Sizing the System

All our systems undergo a rigorous engineering and sizing analysis to ensure short and long term performance and reliability. Our engineers determine the proper photovoltaic array, battery characteristics, light fixture specifications, and controller operation for optimum balance to maximize component life, minimize inefficiencies, minimize physical size and to reduce overall costs.

In designing the  photovoltaic array we utilize NREL solar insolation data and NASA weather data; and we consider local impacts such as shading from structures, trees and hilltops. As a safety factor, systems are sized with high photovoltaic array-to-electrical load ratios to ensure electrical integrity. These ratios are often determined by customer requirements and typically range between 1.15 and 1.4. These ratios are evaluated during the time when there is the least amount of sun and the energy demand is highest, which is around December 21st in the northern hemisphere.

In well designed systems, the strongest component should be the batteries. Our batteries are high quality deep cycle batteries and are able to withstand more than 4500 deep cycles at 15% depth of discharge. Our engineers choose and size the batteries for a life of at least 7 years in hot climates and 10 years in moderate climates. Our engineers consider the daily loads, depth of discharge, temperature, and days of autonomy (days with zero solar input) during the sizing process.

The challenge for proper lighting design and light fixture specification is the interaction of many variables and then determining the appropriate balance between them. Key variables include visibility, aesthetics, fixture type and wattage, fixture and spacing, light pollution, risk and security, comfort, and energy efficiency. Solar Street Lights USA engineers work diligently with customers to ensure a pleasing design and one that meets appropriate light levels which are typically based on IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) illuminance recommended practices. Our light levels are authenticated by true independent 3rd party certified IES files, a practice recommended by IESNA. Our IES files, photometric report and analysis are available for our customers to independently substantiate calculations and statements of facts.