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U.S. Economic Recovery Act

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was passed by the US Congress and is focused on investing in energy efficiency, mass transit and infrastructure projects. Solar lighting projects fall within the realm of the Act of 2009 and could provide communities and States a long-lasting and cost-effective project opportunity.
Facts of About Solar Street LightingAmerican engineering and innovation

1. Solar Street Lights are a proven and reliable lighting solution that is low maintenance while providing years of cost neutral lighting.

2. Solar Street Lights are carbon-neutral, cost-effective with a short payback period.

3. Solar lighting can replace lights tied to the energy grid or can be stand alone battery powered solutions. Either way you will have an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative that is available for carbon credits.

4. Solar Street Lights are proven technology. The use of Induction lighting systems with solar panels provide years of maintenance free lighting that is bright, white light that is reliable in all weather conditions. In fact, each induction lamp will last up to 11 years when used continuously.

5. Solar Street Lights are recognizable and will provide your citizens and community with a visible sign of you commitment to sustainable energy and resources management.

Solar Street Lights USA is ready to partner with you to help ensure a successful project. Our engineers will help you design your projects, complete requests and provide project pricing. Call us today for more information