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We turn your dark into light courtesy of our Brilliant Sun

360 Medium Power Amber


 360-AMBER-PICDesigned for ecologically sensitive areas


  • Installs in minutes. The 360 comes completely assembled and tested from the factory. Installation involves attaching the 360 to the pole and turning on the charging system.
  • Compact rugged design. The 360 has been tested under the most extreme conditions to ensure it will withstand the harshest environments. All components are integrated into a sleek one piece package providing a high tech appearance.
  • Corrosion and vandal resistant. The 360's battery and controller are housed in an aluminum enclosure with gasketed lockable door. Screened vents are provided for cooling.
  • 18 turtle friendly amber LEDs provide superior uniformity and light distribution for ecologically sensitive areas.
  • Side shield included


Technical Specifications

  • Turtle friendly amber LEDs provide up to 1600 lumens and up to 20 watts of super amber light
  • Available in either TYPE II or TYPE III light distribution
  • 12 volt 85 or 105 AH deep cycle AGM battery
  • 50-85 watt poly-crystal solar panel.  36 cells in series
  • PWM controller with selectable duty cycle
  • Automatic day/night detection
  • False activation prevention logic
  • Computerized self-learning seasons change detection
  • Auto-adjusting battery charge algorithm according to ambient temperature sensing
  • All aluminum battery enclosure
  • Unit weight 155 lbs.
  • EPA 4.0
  • Optional powder coat color specification

Designed For

  • Sea turtle nesting beaches
  • Migratory corridors
  • Dark Sky Friendly communities


Solar Street Lighting View / Download 360 Medium Power Amber Flyer